Capacity Building of Women Leaders a Peaceful and Democratic Nepal

WPD-Nepal has been organizing capacity building programs for women political leaders, young women and marginalized groups, civil society organizations and the media with the support of Institute for Peace and Justice (IPJ), University of San Diego, CA. Programs. The action resulted in increased knowledge, skills and techniques to address conflict resolution, negotiation and peace building. Enhanced opportunities for building and managing inclusive working relationships with diverse actors, and strengthen inclusive, democratic constituencies for development and enhanced community capacity for peace. The participants and their broader networks were able to better understand and contribute to conflict mitigation, build civil society and engage in peaceful democratic processes through women’s rights, social support and micro-credit assistance for sexually-abused women and single women (widows), inclusion of Dalit concerns in the constitution, enhancing communication of issues from rural and remote districts to the capital, and fostering youth participation in decision making.

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12 Apr, 2021
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