In partnership with community based organizations, WPD-Nepal has established Women Affinity Groups (WAG) to develop women leadership at the grassroots level and to improve women’s access to and control over local resources. These groups have opened an avenue to foster transparency in local government. The Groups have provided a platform for active participation of women in arbitration, settlement of disputes, fighting against alcoholism, gender based violence etc. These groups have also provided a platform to negotiate public resources from government and non-government agencies and increase local capacity to develop formal linkages with bodies such as Village Development Committees and District Development Committee in their respective districts. WAGs are given empowerment packages with information about planning and budgeting within VDCs and poverty reduction projects of line agencies. In addition, these groups have helped women identify problems within their areas and seek solutions through dialogues with relevant agencies. For example, discussions about issues such as violence against women, trafficking, and women’s legal rights have resulted to greater awareness amongst members of WPGs and society in large.

Partners of WPD-Nepal

Daikichi Anan San and team, Japan
International Women's Peace Group, Korea
Global Affairs Canada
Naya Yuva & Help for Nepal, United Kingdom
Westminster college: Making Lives Better
Institute for Peace and Justice, University of San Diego, United States
International Network on Small Arms Control (IANSA)
Control Arms Coalition, United States
HOPE International Development Agency, Canada
World Accord, Canada

RuralWomen Network (RUWON) Nepal, Kathmandu
Manabiya Shrot Bikas Kendra, Pokhara
SHAAF-Nepal, Kathmandu

Community Development and Environment Conservation Forum (CDECF), Sindhupalchowk
Kailashpuri Women Group, Makwanpur
Rural Development Foundation, Janakpu
Manav Chahari Sangh, Sarlahi
Tharu sanskritik sanghralaya, Chitwan
Darpan Mutual Development organization, Makwanpur
Manakamana Mutual Development organization, Chitwan

We partner with individuals and organizations who are like-minded and respect and work accordingly to our vision and mission.