Empower women and marginalized to improve their own wellbeing by enhancing their access to resources and livelihood skills. Promote economic opportunities for the women and marginalized which enhance their capacities and take into account their needs and aspirations. Strengthen the capacities of women and marginalized so they may participate in peace building measures actively and constructively. Lobby with the key stakeholders to use the resources effectively and efficiently for enhance security of the society.


WPD –Nepal believes that women can become empowered through creation of supportive environment where they can discuss the issues and needs within their community. As such, WPD Nepal oversees the creation of women groups in rural areas and provides them with structure, trainings, education and awareness and support. We achieve this through partnerships with community organizations located in rural Nepal as well as through partnerships regionally, nationally and internationally. We work with several small women’s groups that are striving to build peace in their communities and by extension throughout the country. Our rights based approach ensures meaningful development for women and socially excluded groups. This not only increases that realization of their rights but also empowers them to participate in decision-making on multifaceted issues from the local to the national level. These women groups are the foundation of WPD Nepal’s development model, and as such they are treated as partners in their own development. Currently, WPD Nepal is working with more than 1500 socially excluded women groups. The major components of the program are: Capacity building, micro credit and awareness and education.