Jamuna Bartaula, aged 43, is a member of the Milijuli women group. Her family consists of five members: a husband, two daughters and a son. Her husband works as a farmer. Jamuna was not allowed to go outside the house and show her participation in any discussions/trainings. she was not allowed to give her opinion, and if she tried to give her opinion she was ignored. She used to take loans from others for household expenses where she had to pay high interest. 

After being involved in the Milijuli group, she had participated in various trainings, including animal husbandry, mushroom farming, doll making and vegetable farming. After attending the trainings and group meetings, Jamuna’s confidence was enhanced. Jamuna was allowed to attend trainings and meetings if they were organized in the community. A gender equality awareness program was organized in the community where Jamuna convinced her husband to participate. After participating in the awareness program, Jamuna’s husband now encourages and allows Jamuna to participate in meetings and trainings which are organized outside of the community.

Jamuna took loans from the trust fund to initiate vegetable farming, rice cultivation and cow raising. Jamuna’s initiative has been supported by her husband. Her vegetable farming and cow business is doing well and she saves approximately Rs. 25,000 every month.

After being involved in the women group, she manages her household expenditures with the profit she makes and is able to send her children to study in a good school. “I feel so proud of myself, that I can support my family,” says Jamuna. She believes that the SEWAM program has changed her life completely and now encourages other women to be a part of the group as well. She is thankful for WPD Nepal and World Accord for providing her with the tools needed to start her own business, improving her quality of life.