WPD Nepal Exposure Visit to Myrada, Kolar, India

WPD Nepal Exposure Visit to Myrada, Kolar, India

6 February, 2018


WPD Nepal had an exposure visit to Myrada Spoorthy Training Centre, Kolar, India, from January 27th to February 3rd, 2018 supported by HOPE International Development Agency. The purpose of the visit was to understand and analyze the work of Myrada in order to apply these learnings and make effective improvements in working areas of WPD Nepal. The WPD Nepal team was facilitated by the Myrada staff throughout the visit. WPD Nepal visited various areas where Myrada had been working, such as the Community Managed Resource Centre (CMRC), Farmer Producers Organization (FPO), Soukhya Samruddhi Samasthe (SSS), Self Help Affinity Group (SAG), Community Radio Station, and the sanitation and watershed programs. The visit to Myrada was an excellent opportunity for WPD Nepal to enhance knowledge about SAGs and to strengthen the work plan for effective output in bringing changes to the lives of women. 


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