Field Diaries by Ms. Sushmita Dawadi

Field Diaries by Ms. Sushmita Dawadi

8 February, 2016

nepal, OCIC, 2015 earthquake


Ms. Sushmita Dawadi is an English News Editor and presenter at Radio Nepal. Ms.Dawadi accompanied the Ontario Council for International Cooperation (OCIC), Toronto, Canada and the Women for Peace and Democracy Nepal (WPD Nepal) teams during the field visits in the target communities of WPD Nepal, which was conducted under a photojournalism project in December 2015. Dawadi assisted the  OCIC team with interpretations and translations. Dawadi was touched, impressed and inspired by the work of WPD in transforming the lives of poorest of poor communities through women empowerment. Please check for more by visiting the blog posts of Ms. Sushmita Dawadi:

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