Man Maya Tamang, 32, lives in Bhotsipa, Sindhupalchowk. Her family consists of 6 members which includes her three daughters, a son and her husband. Man Maya and her husband both used to work as labourers. Even though they both worked hard every day, it was still difficult to take care of their family with the money they earned. 

The devastating earthquake of April 25th, 2015 took away the little they had (food and clothes). They lost everything, including their home. Man Maya shares, "I never felt so hopeless in my life. I saw my children suffering from hunger, and I was helpless." Man Maya was relieved when WPD Nepal conducted a relief camp in her village and provided her with emergency relief materials like rice, tarpaulins, medicine and clothes. Man Maya started to live under the tarpaulins after that. Although she started working as a labourer in other agricultural farms, the constant sorrow of not having a home troubled her.

Man Maya's happiness knew no bounds when she was provided with a shelter home through the Nepal Earthquake Rebuilding Program (NERP). Man Maya shares, "To have my own home and not live under the tarpaulins was like a dream come true for me." Man Maya joined the Milijuli Women Group formed under the NERP program. After joining the group, Man Maya participated in literacy classes and in trainings like cornerstone, poultry farming, organic vegetable farming, goat raising, and an awareness program on climate change. 

After participating in the trainings, Man Maya took a loan from the trust fund to start poultry farming in the community. Today, Man Maya and her husband run a very successful poultry business in Tindhara and earn approximately Rs. 30, 000 every month. Man Maya was nominated as the chair of the group and she has become an inspiration for many women in the community. "I feel so proud of myself, that I am able to support my family and bring smiles to their faces," says Man Maya.