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Nepal Earthquake Relief Program Part -1

After the devastating earthquake that happened on April 25 people of Sunkhani, Nuwakot, Sipapokhare, Sindhupalchowk, Tallopam and Mathilopam of Gorkha and Katakuti of Dolakha were living in a very terrible situation. They had no food and shelter and were in trauma. Therefore, an immediate relief camps were conducted in the target villages from May – June, 2015 to make sure that people had food to eat, shelter to protect themselves and also to prevent conflicts, chaos, crime that may emerge due lack of food and shelter. This is a short video of the relief camps, which were were conducted by WPD Nepal forming a team of 15 enthusiastic volunteers WPD (Nepal Earthquake Relief and Reconstruction Team) NERRT supported by World Accord.

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